How to hydroponics in your garden?

How to hydroponics in your garden?

There are Variations on the idea over the idea of ​​planting plants in water or other media that have not been relevant to the soil for thousands of years. However, it wasn’t until the modern era that what is known as hydroponics really came to be. This farming method has some advantages if you do it correctly.

However, most people do not really know how to hydroponics? How much do you want to get a garden for flowers or vegetables that do not need weeds, and you do not have to dig or prepare the soil, there is no need to worry about the amount of fertilizer; Not to compete for food and water, the system works, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced grower

hydroponics means planting plants without soil. Plants do not grow on the soil, grow in the soil, form a large root system to search for food (nutrients stored in the soil) and need rain or manual irrigation. Developing a traditional method of harvesting plants Once or twice a year, when you learn hydroponics and crop cultivation in a food solution, you can grow vegetables and fruits all year round, so do not restrict yourself to one season.

Using this method, the plant should not grow a large root system, because food and water are fed directly to the roots, allowing for closer cultivation, and the plant can put more energy to grow on the surface. Your plants will grow twice as fast as yields in the soil garden, but in about a quarter of the area and consume about 80% of the water, the plants are also safe from most diseases borne by the soil. Easier cultivation and satisfactory knowledge about hydroponics.

Gardener everywhere enters the latest trend called hydroponics, but how does aquaculture work? It’s much simpler than you think when you see the basics. For starters, hydroponics can seem daunting to science and science, but in fact, it is not very complex.

Remember that plants need three things: water, food, and sunlight. Hydroponics is simply the simplest way to present three things without the need for soil. This gardening method has two main advantages: less space and less water use. Because soil is not necessary for storage of plants, space is provided, and water is not removed, which “drains” the soil normally, requiring less water.

This means that hydroponics can be used to grow crops almost anywhere, as long as these three things can be provided. Thus, orange can be grown in the Arctic, tomatoes can be grown in the treasury. This is the main reason why many scientists are interested in hydroponics. Did you know that hydroponics grown plants can grow up to 50 percent faster than plants grown in the soil under similar conditions? These plants can also give more. This is due to the fact that aquatic agriculture consists of introducing nutrients into the roots of plants by planting them in a solution filled with important minerals. The plant does not have to spend a lot of energy in planting a large root base. and more energy can be spent on plant stems, leaves, and fruits.

Today, there is nothing like a person who can not limit his environmental impact. Although you can think of hydroponics as somewhat unusual, they are gaining popularity in many countries. When you try the hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables you will never want to go back to shopping at supermarkets. At the same time, you will also enjoy great savings in your food bill.

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